One of the delightful aspects of Saranda is its food culture, marked by Mediterranean and Ottoman influences. Local culinary delights include Tavë Kosi, a comforting dish of lamb and rice baked with a yogurt-egg sauce, and Byrek, a savory pie layered with cheese, spinach, or meat. Seafood lovers will be spoiled with the day's catch at the waterfront restaurants. Finish off a meal with Trilece. This sponge cake is made even more delicious by being soaked in three types of milk.


Saranda's culture is a rich tapestry of ancient Illyrian, Greek, Roman, and Ottoman influences. Its name originates from the monastery of 'Agioi Saranta,' dedicated to Forty Saints, a key religious site in the city. The locals, known for their hospitable nature, celebrate traditional music and dance at the annual Saranda Summer Carnival.

Travel Tips

  1. Currency: Albania uses the Albanian Lek, but Euro is accepted in many places.
  2. Language: The official language is Albanian, but English, Italian, and Greek are widely spoken.
  3. Transport: Saranda is a compact city, and most attractions are within walking distance. Taxis and public buses are readily available.
  4. Weather: Saranda enjoys a Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry, making them a perfect beach holiday time. Winters are mild, perfect for exploring historical sites.

Interesting Facts

  1. The city is called the 'Gateway to the Southern Albanian Riviera.'
  2. Due to its proximity, you can see the Greek Island of Corfu from Saranda.
  3. In recent years, Saranda has become a popular stop for cruise ships touring the Mediterranean.

Top Places

  1. Lëkurësi Castle: Situated atop a hill, this 16th-century castle provides panoramic views of Saranda.

  1. Butrint National Park: This site is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It offers a walk through the history of the Illyrian, Byzantine, Venetian, and Ottoman periods.
  2. Syri I Kalter (Blue Eye): This stunning natural spring of clear blue water is one of Albania's unique natural attractions.
  3. Pulebardha Beach: Just a few kilometers away from Saranda, this beautiful pebble beach is perfect for relaxing and sunbathing.
  4. Monastery of 40 Saints: From which Saranda derives its name, this ancient religious site holds historical significance.

From captivating historical sites to azure beaches, traditional cuisine, and friendly locals, Saranda is a hidden gem on the Albanian coast. This vibrant coastal city offers visitors the perfect blend of history, culture, and relaxation.