1. When traveling in Vietnam or any other country, exercising common sense, respecting local customs, and being vigilant about personal safety is crucial. Vietnam, in general, is a beautiful country with rich culture and history, and millions of tourists have enjoyed their time in the country without incident. Always stay informed with the latest travel advisories and information for a safe trip.
  2. Border Areas with China, Laos, and Cambodia: The border areas of Vietnam with China, Laos, and Cambodia have sometimes been associated with illicit trade activities, including drug trafficking. These areas are often remote, and law enforcement may not be as efficient as in major cities. Additionally, some border regions still present landmines and unexploded ordnance from past conflicts. It is recommended that travelers practice prudence and refrain from straying from well-trodden paths in these regions.
  3. Bui Vien Street, Ho Chi Minh City: Bui Vien Street is a famous backpacker street known for its lively nightlife. However, it is also known for petty crimes such as pickpocketing and bag snatching, especially at night. Additionally, tourists have occasionally been overcharged or scammed in bars and nightclubs. Travelers are advised to be vigilant, avoid carrying valuables, and be cautious while consuming alcohol in this area.

  1. Long Bien Bridge area, Hanoi: While Long Bien Bridge itself is a historic site, the surrounding area, especially at night, has been known to be a hotspot for petty crimes, such as theft and pickpocketing. Travelers walking around this area, especially those carrying cameras or appearing like typical tourists, should remain vigilant and keep their belongings secure.
  2. Motorbike Rental Shops in Tourist Areas: Though not a specific place, it's essential to be cautious of motorbike rental shops in tourist-heavy areas, as there have been reports of scams. Some tourists have reported that bikes they rented were stolen using a spare key and that the rental shop demanded high compensation. Before renting, it's advisable to research reputable rental shops and make sure the terms and conditions are clear.
  3. Cat Ba Island's Adventure Tours: Cat Ba Island is known for its natural beauty and adventure tours. However, some tourists have reported safety concerns regarding the terms, especially climbing and water-based activities. Ensuring that the tour operator has a good reputation, follows safety protocols, and provides proper equipment is essential.
  4. Train Street, Hanoi: Train Street in Hanoi is a popular tourist spot known for its close-knit buildings lining a functioning railway track. However, this unique location carries its own set of risks. Trains pass through at high speeds just a few feet from the homes, cafes, and often tourists. Accidents have happened in the past, so it's crucial to be cautious and listen to local guidance about safety.
  5. Red Light Districts in Major Cities: In Vietnam's most significant cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the red-light districts are generally best avoided, incredibly late at night. These areas can be prone to crimes such as pickpocketing, and tourists may be targeted by scams. Bars and clubs in these areas might also overcharge unsuspecting visitors.
  6. Nha Trang: This famous coastal city is known for its beautiful beaches and thriving nightlife. However, it has also been known for occasional petty crime, primarily theft and pickpocketing, especially on the coast or in crowded areas. Additionally, tourists should be wary of overpriced seafood restaurants that can significantly overcharge without clear menus or pricing.
  7. Sa Pa: Sa Pa is a famous mountain trekking location. However, poor weather conditions and unregulated tour operators can make this activity risky. Accidents and injuries have happened due to treks conducted without proper safety measures. It's crucial to book walks through reputable companies and consider having a local guide for safer navigation.

  1. Mui Ne Sand Dunes: Mui Ne is famous for its vast dunes. However, the area can sometimes pose risks for tourists due to unscrupulous tour operators conducting unsafe jeep tours. There have also been reports of tourists being charged excessive prices for sand sledding. Researching and choosing reputable tour operators and agreeing on prices beforehand is recommended.