1. Soyapango: Soyapango is an administrative region located within the department of San Salvador. It has been considered one of the most dangerous areas due to high crime rates, mainly attributed to gang activity. The dense population and limited economic opportunities have contributed to this. Travelers are advised to avoid this area, especially at night.
  2. San Salvador City Center: While the capital city of San Salvador has many cultural and historical sites, certain parts of the city center have been known for high crime rates, including theft, assault, and robbery. It is advisable to avoid walking alone, especially at night, and to be cautious while using public transportation.

  1. Apopa: Apopa is another municipality in the San Salvador department. Similar to Soyapango, Apopa has been affected by gang violence and crime. Travelers should exercise extreme caution and preferably avoid areas not frequented by tourists, especially after dark.
  2. Santa Ana: Santa Ana is the second-largest city in El Salvador. While it offers some tourist attractions, it has areas with significant gang activity and crime. It is crucial to remain vigilant, avoid displaying valuables, and stay in well-traveled and well-lit areas.
  3. San Miguel: San Miguel is one of the largest cities in El Salvador and a commercial hub. However, it has been known for crime and gang-related violence. Travelers should be cautious, especially at night, and avoid unfamiliar neighborhoods.
  4. La Libertad: La Libertad is a popular destination for surfers and beach lovers. However, tourists should be cautious as there have been reports of theft and assault, particularly on remote beaches. Avoiding deserted areas and securing your belongings when at the beach is advisable.
  5. Usulután: This department in eastern El Salvador has historically experienced crime and gang-related issues. It's recommended to stay cautious, avoid traveling at night, and consult local advice before traveling to more remote areas.
  6. Colonia Escalón, San Salvador: While this area is more affluent, criminals have targeted it for carjackings and home invasions. Travelers staying in this area should exercise caution, use reputable transportation options, and avoid displaying signs of wealth.
  7. Puerto El Triunfo: This coastal town has had instances of crime and needs to be developed regarding tourism infrastructure. Travelers should remain vigilant and be cautious of petty crimes such as pickpocketing.

  1. Colonia Iberia and Colonia Miramonte in San Salvador: These neighborhoods have seen an increase in robberies and assaults. Travelers should be cautious, avoid walking alone at night, and secure accommodations.

Despite these concerns, El Salvador offers natural beauty, rich culture, and warm hospitality. Travelers should stay informed, take security precautions, and follow local advice for a safer experience. Checking for the most current safety information before making travel plans is also recommended, as situations can change.