Welcome to Vitoria, a charming city in the Basque Country of Spain. Vitoria is a captivating destination with a rich history, cultural heritage, and scenic green spaces. Vitoria offers visitors a unique blend of traditional Basque culture and modern attractions. This guide will take you on a journey through the city's culture and highlight some of the top places to visit.

  1. Casco Viejo (Old Town): Start your exploration in Casco Viejo, the charming old town of Vitoria. Lose yourself in its narrow medieval streets and admire the well-preserved architecture. The Plaza de la Virgen Blanca is the heart of the ancient city and a popular meeting point. Visit the Santa Maria Cathedral, an impressive Gothic structure, and explore the small boutiques, cafes, and pintxo bars that line the streets.
  2. Museo de Bellas Artes: Art enthusiasts should take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Museo de Bellas Artes (Museum of Fine Arts). Located in a 16th-century Renaissance palace, this museum houses an extensive Basque, Spanish, and European art collection. Admire works by renowned artists such as El Greco, Goya, and Sorolla and a significant collection of Basque art.
  3. Plaza de la Virgen Blanca: A central gathering place in Vitoria, the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca is a vibrant square where locals and visitors come together. Admire the statue of the Virgin Blanca, the city's patron saint, and relax in one of the nearby cafes. This square hosts various cultural events throughout the year, including concerts and traditional Basque festivities.
  4. Artium Museum: Immerse yourself in the Artium Museum, a modern and innovative space dedicated to contemporary art and culture. The museum's permanent collection features work by renowned contemporary artists and hosts temporary exhibitions, film screenings, and educational programs. Take the chance to explore the museum's unique architectural design.
  5. Vitoria-Gasteiz Cathedral: Visit the Vitoria-Gasteiz Cathedral, also known as the Santa Maria Cathedral, an impressive Gothic structure that dominates the city's skyline. Marvel at its stunning facade and step inside to discover its beautiful interior. Ascend the bell tower to enjoy sweeping vistas of Vitoria and its picturesque surroundings.

  1. Monte Gorbea: A trip to Monte Gorbea is a must for nature enthusiasts and hikers. This mountain, located just outside Vitoria, offers breathtaking views and a variety of hiking trails. Lace-up your boots and embark on a scenic adventure through lush forests and rolling hills. You can even see the Bay of Biscay from the summit on a clear day.
  2. Florida Park: Escape the urban bustle and unwind in Florida Park, a tranquil green space in the city's heart. This park features beautifully landscaped gardens, fountains, and peaceful walking paths. Stroll, picnic, or relax on the benches while enjoying the serene surroundings.

  1. Bibat Museum: Discover the history of Vitoria at the Bibat Museum, a unique museum housed in a historic building that combines the Archaeological Museum of Alava and the Fournier Playing Card Museum. Learn about the region's prehistoric past, explore Roman artifacts, and explore the fascinating world of playing cards.
  2. Los Arquillos: Stroll along Los Arquillos, a picturesque promenade lined with elegant arches. This iconic spot offers beautiful city views and is perfect for a leisurely walk. Admire the architecture, browse through shops, and stop at one of the charming cafes for a coffee or pintxos.
  3. Basque Culinary Delights: Indulge in the culinary delights of Basque cuisine while in Vitoria. The city is renowned for its pintxos, a Basque version of tapas. Explore the streets around the old town and try different pintxo bars, where you can sample a variety of delicious bite-sized treats. Pair your pintxos with a glass of local Rioja wine or Basque cider.

Vitoria City beautifully blends its rich cultural heritage with a modern ambiance. Enjoy exploring its historical sites, immersing yourself in art and nature, and savoring the local cuisine. With its warm hospitality and vibrant atmosphere, Vitoria promises a memorable experience for every visitor. ¡Disfruta tu estancia! (Enjoy your stay!)