Davao City, the crown jewel of Mindanao, is an urban oasis teeming with cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and delectable culinary delights. Renowned as the 'Durian Capital' and home to the majestic Philippine Eagle, Davao City is a fantastic blend of natural wonders and modern comforts that caters to diverse travelers.


Davao's gastronomic scene is a flavorful fusion of local traditions and global influences. Known as the 'Fruit Basket of the Philippines,' Davao offers abundant fresh tropical fruits such as durian, pomelo, and mangosteen. Take advantage of the infamous 'Durian,' recognized for its unique smell and delectable taste.

If you're a seafood enthusiast, head to the 
Davao Dencia's Restaurant for their sumptuous Tuna dishes. Also, indulge in local favorites like the crispy grilled 'Lechon,' succulent 'Kinilaw,' and the comforting 'Bulcachong,' Davao's version of the beef stew.


Davao's rich cultural heritage is evident in its festivals, architecture, and art. The city hosts the Kadayawan Festival each year, a week-long celebration showcasing Davao's vibrant tribal cultures, bountiful harvest, and warm, friendly locals.

To glimpse Mindanao's indigenous tribes, visit the T'Boli Weaving Center and the D' Bone Collector Museum for an unusual but exciting collection of bones from various species.

Travel Tips

Currency: The official currency is the Philippine Peso (PHP). In most places, credit cards are readily accepted, yet for transactions at local markets and for travel, cash is usually the favored method of payment.

Transportation: Tricycles, Jeepneys, and taxis are the most common modes of transport. Davao City also offers a reliable bus service called the Davao Integrated Bus System.

Language: While English is widely spoken, the primary language is Bisaya (Cebuano). Learning a few local phrases can enhance your interaction with the friendly Dabawenyos.

Safety: Davao City is one of the safest cities in the Philippines, with a low crime rate. However, usual travel precautions apply.

Interesting Facts

Davao City is the largest city in the Philippines regarding land area. It's also home to Mount Apo, the highest peak in the country. Davao City implements a strict No Smoking Ordinance in public places and has an 11 PM liquor ban.

Top Places

  1. Philippine Eagle Center: Home to the country's national bird, the critically endangered Philippine Eagle.
  2. Mount Apo: Ideal for adventure enthusiasts looking to conquer the country's highest peak.
  3. People's Park: Known for its indigenous sculptures, lush gardens, and lighted fountains.

  1. Samal Island: Just a quick ferry away, it's perfect for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters.
  2. Davao Crocodile Park: An exciting wildlife reserve that showcases Philippine crocodiles along with a variety of animals.

Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a foodie, a culture vulture, or an adventure seeker, Davao City promises a vibrant blend of experiences that make for an unforgettable journey. Embark on the Davao adventure and explore the Philippines 'Garden of Eden.'