Ålesund, a quaint town nestled on the west coast of Norway, offers a culinary scene characterized by fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients. Being a fishing port, seafood dishes are a must-try in this charming town.

Sample the local Klippfisk, salted cod often served in bacalao, a flavorful stew with tomatoes, garlic, and peppers. For an authentic Norwegian meal, try Raspeballer, a hearty dish of potato dumplings often served with bacon, sausages, or sheep meat.

Ålesund's food scene isn't limited to traditional dishes. The town is home to several restaurants that offer international cuisine, from Italian to Asian.


Ålesund's culture is deeply influenced by its maritime history and the 1904 fire that reshaped the town. Today, the town is known for its Art Nouveau architecture due to the rebuilding efforts post-fire. You'll find colorful and ornate buildings adorned with towers, turrets, and beautiful ornaments.

The town is also home to various cultural festivals, such as the Ålesund Boat Festival and the Ålesund Theatre Festival that celebrate local arts and traditions.

Travel Tips

  1. Getting Around: Ålesund is compact and walkable. For longer trips, the local bus service covers the entire town and surrounding areas.
  2. Language: While Norwegian is the recognized official language, a majority of the population is proficient in English. 
  3. Safety: Ålesund is a safe town, but usual precautions should be taken, especially at night and when walking alone.
  4. Best Time to Visit: Summer (June-August) is a great time to visit, with pleasant weather and longer daylight hours.
  5. Tipping: A service charge is usually included in the bill. However, a tip of around 10% is appreciated if the service is exceptional.

Interesting Facts

  1. Following a devastating fire in 1904, Ålesund was rebuilt in the Art Nouveau style, making it a unique architectural gem in Norway.
  2. The town is surrounded by fjords and the high peaks of the Sunnmøre Alps, offering endless opportunities for hiking and outdoor adventures.
  3. Ålesund is often called the "Adventure Capital of the Fjords" due to its proximity to some of the most spectacular fjords in Norway.

Top Places

Ålesund offers natural beauty, historical sites, and cultural attractions:

  1. Ålesund Aquarium (Atlanterhavsparken): One of Northern Europe's largest saltwater aquariums, featuring local sea life and a spectacular outdoor pool with seals and penguins.
  2. Jugendstilsenteret: An Art Nouveau Center in the old Swan Pharmacy offers insight into the town's unique architectural style.
  3. Mount Aksla Viewpoint: For the best views of the town, fjords, and surrounding islands, climb the 418 steps to this viewpoint. There's also a restaurant at the top.

  1. The Ålesund Archipelago: Take a boat trip to these islands for hiking, bird-watching, or visiting the old lighthouse.
  2. Sunnmøre Museum: A folk museum showcasing the region's history and culture, featuring an open-air museum with 55 old and distinct houses.

Whether exploring the town's unique architecture, tasting delicious local seafood, or embarking on an adventure to nearby fjords and mountains, Ålesund offers a unique and memorable Norwegian experience.